Top-quality organic coffees have been our specialty ever since 1983.
Regardless of their country of origin, they are all produced and sold in accordance with organic and fair-trade guidelines.

This means that we have invested a considerable amount over the past 36 years to ensure that all our farms systematically adhere to these requirements. We have also built up profound, long-term relationships with coffee growers and cooperatives, thus enabling our trade partners to ensure the diversity and stability of our range on the basis of mutual respect, understanding, and trust.
Just one of the reasons why we are renowned as organic pioneers.

Heart and Soul.

In addition to organic and fair-trade criteria, all our coffee beans and all other raw ingredients are selected with the greatest care and processed according to the most exacting standards. Our instant coffees, for example, are gently freeze-dried, whereas all our roasted coffees are slowly and carefully drum-roasted. That’s why our coffees can release their full potential in terms of flavor and aroma. After all, it’s the secret of their success.

And did you know that more than half of all Germans drink coffee purely on account of the taste?*

* Kaffeereport 2019


The fact that Fairtrade, Naturland, and Demeter (to name just a few) have all given us their seal of approval means not only improved working conditions and great coffee.
Apart from embodying our commitment, they are also a quality guarantee for consumers. In turn, this translates into unique selling points that boost sales, particularly for retail brands.

As a result, you can soon share in phenomenal rates of market growth, including in the private-label segment: in 2018, the fair-trade sector in Germany generated revenue of €1.6 billion, which equated to a 22% increase on the previous year. Fair-trade coffee currently accounts for a market share of 4.5%*, meaning that the potential is considerable. To enable you to harness this potential, our products have obtained all major national and international certification.

*Fairtrade Germany 2019


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