The Taste of Success. Our organic and fair-trade coffee.

With all the changes going on in today’s world, one thing is here to stay: coffee.
On average, people drink two to three cups a day – at home, at work, and on the go. This corresponds to a consumption rate of almost 162 liters of coffee per capita in Germany. So it’s no wonder that some people regard this “black gold” as more valuable than oil.
(manager magazin)

This is all the more true when it comes to organic and fair-trade coffee:
In 2018, sales of fair-trade coffee rose to no less than 20,360 metric tons, with some 77% of this coffee also certified as organic.* And this figure is increasing all the time, which should come as no surprise in an era of Fridays for Future. The pleasing thing is that more than 92 percent of Germans prefer to drink their coffee at home or at work.** And they still love good-quality ground coffee best of all.

Here at Wertform, we have the perfect answers to these and other market requirements.
From instant and roasted coffees through to espressos, pads, spelt and malt coffee, and milky blends, we have one of the widest and most in-depth ranges of private-label coffee in the international organic/fair-trade segment. And one of the most delicious.
Because however big something gets, quality is essential. After all, it’s the magic ingredient forsuccess. Yours included.

* Fairtrade Germany ** Kaffeereport 2019

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