Certification of the partners involved, by recognized control bodies, and voluntary adherence to the guidelines of dedicated associations, ensure demonstrable high quality for all WERTFORM products, as well as the implementation of fair trading principles.

The Fairtrade Certification mark is your independent guarantee that this product has been traded in accordance with international Fairtrade Standards. The purchase of this product enables the improvement of working and living conditions of small farmers in developing countries and encourages environmental protection.

Further information on: www.transfair.org or www.info.fairtrade.net



Only products and alimentation can be signed with the National Organic Label if it is produced and controlled according to the EG- statutory regualtions for the organic farming. The statutory provisions applied in the whole Europe guaranty uniform standards for the organic farming. Therefore the National Organic Label stands for an ecological, organic production.

Please see this link for further information: http://www.bio-siegel.de/english/homepage/


Naturland – Verband für ökologischen Landbau e.V. 

Naturland farmers and producer work with the highest ecological standards which are more strict than the ones of the National Organic Label. Without genetic engineering they produce high quality alimentation for the protection of the environment and the consumer.

Please see this link for further information: http://www.naturland.de/index.html